synchro LINE  - Training concept at the highest level

synchro LINE - Training concept at the highest level

While training on the fully automated synchro line devices the load on the individual adapts to his strenght during the complete execution of movement. Therefor a constant and lengthy training stimulus is applied to the respective muscle. The individual can put his personal training load into practice in a safe manner accordingly to the individual strenght and coordination skills. The optimized development of the strenght curve during the entire movement leads to full utilization of the muscle in every angular position. The result is an enhanced blood circulation of the muscle tissue and thus a major increase of muscle mass and performance.

Natural Movements

Synchro line devices make use of a mechanical weight stack instead of an electrical motor resistance to the training individual’s advantage. The direct feedback to the weight leads to a smooth motion sequence. The resulting perfect training ergonomics with smooth and jerk-free movements is easy on joints, tendons, cartilage tissue and ligaments. Training on synchro line devices is perfect for every target group due to individual fine adjustment options of the seating position and the weight plates.

Energy Efficiency

Only during the adjust procedure at the beginning of the training the units of the synchro line need electrical power. Unlike devices which use electrical motor resistance to generate training impulses the synchro line equipment helps to keep the costs for electrical power down to a minimum, and it is environment friendly too.

Autonomous Intelligence

Every device of the synchro line is fully operational even without being connected to a PC or LAN. In case of network failures, every device accesses its internal memory and uses the parameter set saved during the last training session. The whole system is highly reliable, thus minimizing usage restrictions.

Data Privacy

All customer data is saved on a local PC in-house and will not be disclosed to third parties.