SCHNELL as Brand Name

SCHNELL as Brand Name

More than 60 years ago, at the very beginning of the company´s career, the goal of the SCHNELL enterprise was to improve the physical performance of athletes. An exact analysis of the human movement processes and its leverages enabled us to develop revolutionary methods and machines. Since then, the international elite of sports relies on us  and entrusts us the health of their muscles, tendons and joints. We are constantly aware of this responsibility.

We have an even bigger task to fulfill: providing people, like leisure time athletes who want to improve their fitness level, with the right training equipment. This requires us to pay even more attention to the health of muscles, tendons and joints because `non-professionals´ usually do not know a lot about human movement processes. Therefore, they blindly trust the trainer and the training device.

SCHNELL products and concepts for fitness purposes are based on well-researched scientific results, on a 60-year long experience and on an intensive cooperation with professional athletes.

In the area of rehabilitation and prevention we profit from cooperation with universities, medical specialists and physiotherapists and lean on the success stories of people in therapy who were cured using our products.

Our goal is to continue enhancing and restoring peoples´ performances and health. This is what the brand name SCHNELL stands for.