Josef Schnell’s strong passion for training and competition as well as the enthusiasm for the development of highly functional training devices laid down the essential basis for the foundation of the SCHNELL company in 1957. Several times he won the German weightlifting championship, and from the very beginning he set the goal to improve the physical fitness of athletes with the help of his products.

He developed revolutionary training methods like desmodromic training and BIO-TRAINING as well as the matching training equipment after carefully analyzing the human locomotor system and its lever ratios.
Close collaboration with doctors, therapists, scientists and professional athletes led to the development of a wide range of products for the core business areas fitness and rehabilitation which are continuously improved.

Today we support our customer’s daily working life with high quality products and tailor-made solutions. Throughout the world doctors, therapists, professional athletes, performance centres, Olympic training centres, fitness clubs, sports clubs, armed forces, authorities, schools and many more institutions rely on the certified quality of SCHNELL training equipment. Products with the red SCHNELL logo are perfectly finished and impress with outstanding functionality, excellent bio mechanics, extreme durability and high value retention. Development and production takes place exclusively at our head office in Peutenhausen, Germany.

As an owner-managed company in second generation, history and Josef Schnell’s heritage are particular incentives to constantly improve ourselves, our products and our service.